go go hamster ball and bed, funhouse

    anybody know where they are in stock cannot find on the internet. East yorkshire area shops


    you will be lucky, the ebay vultures are all over them now

    there is a thread for this...dont know if i can find it..

    yep the ebayer snap them up straight away. I couldnt do it.

    John Lewis have had them and people reporting on another forum some tesco's have had stock.
    Some people have swap a hamster for 2 accessory packs.
    But the balls you be bvery lucky they going for £50 on ebay so ev1 wants them now to profit on

    Try John Lewis first thing in the morning. As they get there stock updates at midnight so if you check there website after the stock update you may be lucky. On monday ar midnight they had 600 they were all sold out by 10.30

    Follow this thread, they know where the stock is and when it will be available, Character Online seem to be the major stock holder and release a bit each day:…417

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    no luck yet

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    anybody help with accessories need an independant toy shop i feel and there is none in Hull
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