Go Go Hamster Fun House??

hi there

anyone know where I can get one of these for my Niece for Xmas?

Should be about £20...but some websites have £40+ (incl Ebay!)

Any help kindly accepted.....


Not sure if any help but Toys R Us in Southampton have had loads of these, all hamsters & accessories for the past couple of weeks. Only accessory not available is the ball (& the only part I need!!). May be worth trying other toys r us stores?

Its worth following this thread in the MSE forum, they seem to know where the stock is and which companies are trustworthy:


Argos had them for £19.99 and if you buy the hamster as well, hamster comes half price so £24.99 altogether, but there are no hamsters anywhere at mo, but you may be able to reserve fun house.
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