Go Go Hamster Giveaway!!

The elves here at Hotukdeals have managed to get our hands on a full set of Go Go Hamsters and a Funhouse. Being as the Hotukdeals office is basically a 6x4 garden shed full of moderators, we really don't have the room to give our furry friends the freedom they deserve.
If you can offer chunk, Mr squiggles, numnums and pipsqueak (and their funhouse) a loving home, post in the thread below and let us know about your most memorable Christmas!
We'll pick out the best ones at 9pm tomorrow and contact the winner thereafter in order to get the hamsters and their funhouse dispatched to you by courier on Friday in plenty of time for Christmas. The winner will win the whole package so only one person will be lucky enough!

Please don't use this thread for general chit chat, keep it to your Christmas memories and only one post per person please!

If you want a chat thread regarding this, you're welcome to start a separate one in misc

Good Luck!


my neiece can offer Pip Squeak the best life a hamster can yeild in this world

My most memorable christmas was stuck in Toronto Airport, because i was with all of my family!


My memorable Christmas was 5 years ago, my eldest brother came to visit (No immediate family around) He is so funny and likes to make people laugh and be happy. On that day we also had a party with close family friends at my home. It was filled with fun and laughter as it should be.


Getting woken up to the sound of jingle bells the bell

Thinking it was Santa lol

Oh and not to mention my pet cat , trying to get the fake robin on the tree , that was funny was really jumping and pawing for it lol





Wonder which bitter, twisted, single, jobless mother will win this one...................

My best xmas memory was catching my parents sticking the presents under the tree and watching them trying to explain their way out of it...........

One where i got some presents.

My Daughter would give NumNums a lovely home.

Best memory when my Daughters came into our bedroom at 3am saying that Santa was downstairs as she'd heard his sleighbells. Actually my husband had gone out into the garden on a snowy night left footprints shaped like rudolfs and had a little bell for effect.

Have an empty stocking waiting!

Hearing what I though was my father removing the fire (so santa could come down!) only to discover in the morning it was because the cat had got stuck there! I must have been about 5!

I'd love one for my baby sister.

My memorys of my hamster > Hamster escaped > Built a nest under the floorboards > Was hoovered up by Grandma (we love you)> Got a Skin infection > Died > Cried like a girl (10) > Burried it > Smelt for a long time in its Quality streets coffin. Under the apple tree

Still there now in tin, good old hammy 1, hammy 2 lasted just as long.

Hammy 3 would be a bonus at least he will only run out of batteries, so my sister won't cry, shes 5.

Happy Christmas JB.

My Daughter would love love love a fun house - have managed to get a hamster

My most memorable Christmas was the one just before my daughter was born 5 years ago (she was due Jan 10th). Nothing very special to the ordinary folk just the anticipation of what was to come, fat and sober!

Thanks for doing this

Happy Christmas!

Just for the record - I have a job, a husband and not at all bitter! x

most memorable christmas was a few years back - going to see my sis in south africa

looking around for the cheapest flights - christmas day flights were coming up £250 cheaper than eith side - thought ohh yes go for them - loads of christmas freebies in heathrow - whoo

so we gets down there about 5 in the morning - kids knackered - me - looking forward to do a mega shop in Duty Free - so we gets there - our voices were echoing in the cavernous building

practically empty - no shops open - god - i was gutted

did get an upgrade to business class - even with the kids:santa:

Would like one for my daughter please.

Most memorable Christmas would be the one when the turkey was sat in the oven not cooking at all. Yours truly had turned the gas off in the garage in order to hang a new dart board on the lever. :whistling:

My most memorable Christmas was one year we found a mouse living in the house. It seemed to be residing under the bath, but was seen dashing to and from from my bedroom to the hall table and back again. My mum managed to tempt it into one of those humane mouse trap thingys. We were all exceedlingly chuffed that we caught it. It was such a tiny mouse, just like in cartoons on the telly. It was freezing outside, the ground was frozen solid and covered with ice. My mum couldn't bear to throw it out into the cold, knowing it would die if it couldn't find cover or dig a hole. She set it free in the house again. Full of the spirit of Christmas!

I don't want the hamster things, btw. Just wanted to share!


I would like to enter x

Most memorable wasnt a good one ...

Was 15 and went out xmas eve and i got in very late ... my mum and sister were asleep and father christmas had already been:)

When we all woke up in the morning everything had gone... police came to the conclusion someone left the door open or ajar and someone took advantage and left with their hands full ... So i ruined xmas

I still dont think my sister has ever 100% forgiven me. Whats more annoying till this day we still dont know what we would have got that xmas

please can i enter the giveaway
my best christmas memory is when my eldest wanted a playstation 2 for christmas years ago. we wrapped up a controller & gave it to him & he was so excited until we told him that we couldn't afford to buy him the ps2 then and that he'd have to wait until march for his birthday to get it :lol:
after we'd finished opening all the presents we got another present out that we'd hidden from him & he was so excited to see it was a ps2 :w00t:
the same christmas my hubby bought us all some surprise extra gifts & i got a tiffany necklace :-D can't remember what the boys got though :?

my most memorable christmas was when i got a playstation!! (okay this was a lot of years ago.) and then the next day my dad took it back for being naughty :-( i never got that playstation! it scarred me for life!

best christmas-easy to remember-26 years ago(was it really that long?) the block of flats I lived in had a power cut christmas eve. 7pmish there is a knock on the door,and its the girl who lives in the ground floor flat checking whether its just her flat has no power or whether its the entire block.

Being lucky enough to have a gas cooker while she has electric,I invite her in for coffee,we get chatting,and before we know it,its 4am christmas morning. We get on so well,I invite her to my parents for christmas dinner and on february 14th we are married(whirlwind eh?)

Now have 5 wonderful children,the oldest just got married to his american girlfriend and have a 2 year old as well who has given us a new lease of life. Can honestly say we have NEVER had an argument in our lives-she is the sensible one while I am just a crazy impulsive type of person but we just seem to click somehow.

if,by any chance I do win the comp,my daughter already has the hamsters so please send them to great ormond street with the best wishes of HUKD.

last year, when we had a house partyyy

I'll enter please

I don't have one i fully remember, though i do have one on video of me been 3 year old, getting something i really wanted, then getting my mum's plates smashing them in excitment and dancing.

Id like a set, but I could do with them, a few days before xmas eve, so i can, err post them to my, errr, my sister, yes, my sister, who's only got one leg, one eye, bald, and is allergic to real hamsters (hence the baldness), and her hamster died last week of antimony poisoning, and she will be evicted on Christmas day, by her landlord? A set of hamsters would make her happier.

Err, I remember one xmas, I made £1,000 on Nintendo Wiis on Amazon, that was one nice xmas!


Don't have specific memories of xmas! whoopsie :lol:

Aged about 7, hearing my Mum creeping around and opening my bedroom door to find her half naked at the top of the stairs with a bundle of presents in her arms... We looked at each other for about 5 seconds until she said "ho ho ho!" and ran off.

I never have a good Christmas as I get rubbish presents the majority of the time... It's my Birthday on Boxing Day and I get "joint presents"... boooooo

Would be great to have any hamster, for my daughter

My best christmas? has got to be my girls' first christmas, was just perfect, the sort that makes parents go all gooey, loved it.
Merry christmas to all

In too.. xx

Christmas memories.. hmm..

As a child I used to come down into the living room to find that my parents had decorated the room during the night to surpise us all on Christmas Eve morning. I remember my elder brother arrive home from Uni late Christmas Eve, just as the snow was beginning to fall, he'd brought his girlfriend with him to tell us they'd decided to be married!

When I woke Christmas morning, I'd slowly have to build up courage to peek out from my bedcovers as I was a little scared of the dark, and also because it was cold!! I'd have a sack of presents in my room ( far less than most children have now ) but a single present from most family members and people we knew, all wrapped in different papers. I'd drag the sack into my parents' room next door and climb into bed inbetween them and my mother would pass me a single present to unwrap, I'd read the tags aloud and then pass the wrapping to my father as I unwrapped each parcel. I remember playing with my new toys, books and jigsaws most of the morning, eating dinner as a huge family group and my father falling asleep on the sofa after his once yearly attempt at washing up!!

me please
one of my best memorable christmas as to be the year that i dressed up as santa to put stocking in the kids bedroom my middle childs woke up saw me he started screaming which in turn made me scream i ran out of the rooom fell down the stairs while oh was rushing up the stairs to sort son out, for years we had been telling him he must have been dreaming we told him last year when he was 17 that it had been me dressed up as santa he has forgiven me lol

me plz my little girl would love this

and most memorable is every christmas with my husband
as at 6.30am every xmas morning my lovely husband is up before everyone
shouting..... kids get up santas been
kids think its wonderfull :thumbsup:

but i would like an hour or two in bed:whistling:

My best christmas memory was last year.
I didn't have any apples left for my daughter . So i put a lemon in to her stocking . The next morning she woke and jumped in to my bed and started opening her stocking . Inside she found the lemon and started giggling and looked puzzled . She was so pleased with it . She put some on her chicken and ate some of it . She told everyone who asked what did you get for christmas? with a big smile she said a lemon . When the school holidays were finished they had to draw what they got . She drew a lemon. When i went to school her teacher came up to me and asked did Lydia get a lemon . I explained what had happened and the teacher laughed . This year when we visited Santa she asked for more lemons .

my entry:


Best Christmas?
I was 7 years old and we had moved from Germany (lots of snow) to Gibraltar (no snow) I was convinced Santa and his reindeer wouldn't be able to land without snow. Late that night my dad went to the flat upstairs with a box of soap flakes and some jingle bells, he leaned over the balcony and tapped the window with a stick to wake me & my brother. Then shook the bells and emptied the soap flakes down in front of our window. We were convinced it was Santa and buzzed with excitement for weeks!

My most memerable christmas has to be when I came home drunk after a night out and santa had already been.

I ripped open all my presents and fell asleep in the living room, woke up at 6 am and realised what I had done I re-wrapped all my presents still drunk from the previous night!

Then just for good measure I had a bite of the carrot and took the mince pie with me upstairs, my mum was baffled bless her when she came down the next morning! I think her quote was:

"I must have had too much wine last night, theres no way my wrapping is that bad!"


All the best guys. :thumbsup:

I would love Num nums or pipsqueak (i don't actually need num nums now, so this would be better going to somebody who needs him)

I was praying my last xmas would be my most memorable, babys 1st xmas and all that. It couldn't of really been worse, husband was away with the army and i was lost without him. I am hoping this year will be much better, babes will understand a bit more and fingers crossed husband will be home, so we can all have our 1st family xmas together

My most Christmas was....

We were having Christmas dinner when the cat jumped up on the sideboard and made for the trifle, my dad threw his knife at the cat and hit the Christmas tree which then proceeded to fall on the trifle. End result ruined trifle and me in tears cause dad threw a knife at the cat.

My 2 children (8 and 4) would give their gogo hamster a lovely home with plenty of love and attension.

Our most memorable Christmas was when i was young.. i remember opening my presents early one morning, it was still dark out. Both me and my younger brother had got play doh and was playing with it when we had a power cut.... i totally freaked out and got up and walked around, my brother started crying and my mum was shouting it will be ok as she got a torch. My brother got up and i could hear him moving around.... still crying he came over to me. After about 10 minutes or so the lights all came back on and to my mums horror we had squashed play doh all into the carpet. She went crazy and started shouting that we had ruined her carpet! We was never allowed to have play doh again!

My most memorable Christmas was when I was about 5 years old, my brother 7.

My mam and dad had been out drinking for Christmas Eve, and so when my brother and I woke at 4am on Christmas day to see if "he'd been!" they weren't too impressed They told us to go back to bed until at least 6am.....

My brother and I proceeded to go downstairs and opened every present there, including those to my parents. My mam and dad came down to see paper everywhere; paints all over the carpet; things broken, etc, etc.

That was not a very happy Christmas to say the least, lol! I've blanked the rest of the day from memory!

Best christmas moment- My mum had just cooked the usual ham and turkey. There were so many screaming young kids in the house. I remember me aunties werent doing anything but sitting on their as*** drinking MY eggnog!!! My mum toldl my aunties to do something with the kids as they were driving her mad. So went into the kitchen and my mum was taking out the turkey from the oven. She took it out and found it was heavy and she dropped the damn thing!!! There was turkey juice all over the place and my mother was FUMING. So my mum picked up the turkey I carved it and gave it to my aunties to eat. Lol was a nice bit of revenge for her as she was annoyed at me aunties. So then she put a bit of rum in her eggnog and was grinning while they ate the turkey. I just sat there watching my mum and was laughing my head off. 23 years ago this was. It was one funny christmas ;-)

Most memoral Christmas will hopefully be this one! So looking forward to it! Before this one, it was my daughters first Christmas where we dressed her up in a santa costume where she was only a month old. She looked so cute

My most memorable xmas was all the ones when i was a kid as it used to snow on Xmas Day back then. :-D

If i happen to win, then i don't need them for my kids as i can buy them myself............please give them to the local hospital or charity where kids don't get too have as good a time as our kids.

Best moment was when my uncle got drunk, knocked the christmas tree onto the table, knocking the table and the turkey to the floor. Ended up eating frozen pizza that year...

[CENTER][FONT="Impact"]:santa: [COLOR="Red"]Merry Christmas[/COLOR] :gift:[/FONT][/CENTER]
[SIZE="3"][FONT="Lucida Console"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]My 2 son's could give Mr Squiggles and his fun house a lovely new home, I managed to get num's num's already so one more hammy and a house would be great, the other 3 hammy's could be shared out to others either on this site, or to my friends :thumbsup:

My most memerable Christmas from being young was probably all the familly together at my Grandparents house, nothing too exciting just a big lucky dip box full of stocking filler type presents for all us small ones, indoor fire works (you know the little sparkler type things, big grey snake thing, coloured smoke, etc) and all sitting for a big roast turkey, kids at the kids table :thumbsup:[/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]

[CENTER][FONT="Impact"][COLOR="Red"]Good Luck Everyone[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]

my best xmas memory was 17yrs ago.
I went to court to beg them to make my very abusive husband move out.
I was granted the ouster injunction(sp) he had 24hrs to move out just before xmas day..
We therefore had the first ever christmas, that my children and i had NO fear of violence from him.
It was wonderful.
(ok so its not what you expect but its the best christmas i ever had)

It would be hopefully this Christmas, when I'm playing with my new Go Go Hamsters :thumbsup:

Failing that, When I was a kid, probs about 9, when I got my first computer/console, a Sega Megadrive. We weren't that well off when I was growing up, so this was a massive shock and totally not expected! Nearly wore the thing out playing on it so much!
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