go go hamsters suitable for a small dog

    looking to buy our dog a xmas pressie would you recommend getting one of these hamsters or would it just be torn to pieces in a few minutes as getting fed up hearing a squeaking turkey .


    Would last about 7 secs

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    Dont know about go go, It would be more like going going gone

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    hmm has anyone bought one for a dog or could you dog-proof one otherwise its gonna have to be another squeaking turkey what else do you buy your dogs?

    I have seen a clip of a dog with one of these on you tube. Can't remember where exactly but worth a search on there. It was really funny!!

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    Ok just checked out you tube and found 2 clips the one where the hamster was allowed to run free yes as soon as our dog grabbed hold of it it would last about 5 seconds but the one in the ball looks promising would you consider that dog proof?

    we bought the radio control rat for our dog last year he killed it first time out never been the same since the rat not dog lol

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    yeah but the hamster in the ball looks pretty indestructible

    I gave our dog a toy hamster in a ball, not the gogo one and while he liked it he got rather excited and always ended up managing to smash the ball open by launching the ball at high speed towards walls. That was fine with a five pound one, I certainly wouldn't have risked the more expensive gogo one.

    Dogs are very different in their tastes so I couldn't recommend a toy, my last dog Jake loved soft toys with an electronic sound box inside so he built up a massive collection with a cockerel, a mobile phone, a blackberry, duck, fish, pheasant, seal cat, Nintendogs etc. - if it didn't make a noise, he wasn't bothered about it. Despite being a fairly defiant little guy, he was terrified of animatronics and radio controlled toys so those were straight out the window.

    The new pup is quite different though (both blue roan cocker spaniels), he's not at all fussed about the noise the toys make and instead seems to prefer fluffy toys he can cuddle and roll around with. So he's getting a new fluffy teddy for Christmas.


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    cheers for that john saw a cheap one for 4.99 on amazon not sure if that includes the hamster not an original at that price
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