Go on, recommend me a decent book or two................

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Found 15th Jun 2009

Only fiction please.

I prefer sci-fi (hard sci-fi and cyberpunk) from the likes of Alistair Reynolds and thrillers, either supernatural or of this world, from the likes of Koontz and King.

If anyone knows of any bargains too, then let me know.



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just read angels and demons it was great:thumbsup:

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just read angels and demons it was great:thumbsup:

thanks - I've read all of Dan Brown's already though. Angels and Demons was especially good because I'd just visited Rome and could place a lot of the action.

Enders game by Orson Scott Card one of my all time favorites:thumbsup:

try anything by richard morgan ... hard boiled cyber detective Takeshi Kocvac novels are sublime and Market Forces if a tour de force. I'm also reading the Hyperion omnibus and it's blowing my mind in then way that The player of games ( Iain m banks) Blew me away a decade ago. I'm seriously into British sci-fi, so if yopu want more recomendations, then feel free to IM me. ( ps I' been reading sci -fi for nearly 30 years)

Have you read Jeffrey Deaver books?
My boyf loves Stephen King, Dan Brown and Koontz, but his favorite is Deaver.
I've read a lot of them too and really enjoyed them.

what about the twlight books ? there really good , iv just finished angels and demons 2 and it was fab

desperation - stephen king is amazing

not really sci-fi but you cant go wrong with inheritance cycle or his dark materials, nice fiction stuff

battlefield earth and the mission earth decology from l. ron hubard. Classics

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Ender's Game sounds interesting.

I've enjoyed most of Morgans, but not Market Forces - I will bear it in mind. I quite enjoyed Hyperion - it was certainly different! As for Banks, I think all I've read is Consider Phlebas, and to be frank I can't remember much about it.

Deaver? I've read a couple, thanks for the suggestion but he isn't my fave.

The Twilight books wouldn't be my cup of tea, but again, thanks for your suggestion.

I liked Desperation but I think my favourite by King is The Stand.

Inheritance and Dark Materials - too fantasy based for my taste.

Battlefield Earth gets some really crap reviews, which perversely makes me want to read it more! However, the Decology isn't for me.

Anyway - rep to you all for your responses!

the film is rubbish, the book is a really good read though
try some clive cussler, treasure hunting, scuba diving adventures etc. some pretty good

I quite liked Market Forces
Iain M Banks - The Algrbraist
John Scalzi - The Android's Dream
Chuck Palahniuk - Haunted


Enders game by Orson Scott Card one of my all time favorites:thumbsup:

love this book x x

Go have a look at a website called green metropolis sells second books all books £3.75 including postage I have used the site no problems, smp

Another vote for Enders Game from me too.

If you like British scifi, try Peter F. Hamilton too. Good sci-fi but with some big space opera thrown in too, creates good stories and interesting characters. Huge books too, good value for money.

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hi all

ended up getting the enders quartet from the book depository for £17 - bargain - should keep me going for a while

everyone repped

I can thoroughly recommend James Herbert. He is my favourite author. I also like Koontz and King so I think James Herbert will please you (King fav = Misery). He is the only author I collect and keep books of (pref hardback). I find the best places to buy books at markets really. Couple of quid for a hardback and usually all sectioned by genre/author. I prefer old books to new. A book should look well read!

It's hard for me to pick just one for you to try, I actually started out on the James Herbert path reading Rats, Lair and Domain (trilogy) but maybe better to pick another to start off with. I just can't put these guy's books down and with the exception of Fluke I have enjoyed every single other book (except 1 I've spied that I've not read yet so chuffed and made a note of title).

The Ghosts Of Sleath
James Herbert

"Sleath. Quiet, peaceful. A small village hidden away in the Chiltern Hills, almost forgotten by the modern world. Nothing much seems to happen here, little disturbs the centuries-old tranquillity. Until the ghosts begin to appear. And frighteningly bizarre events start to occur. Psychic investigator David Ash, a man burdened by the dark secret of his own past, is sent to Sleath to investigate the phenomena and his discoveries there drive him to the very edge of his own sanity. The incidents grow worse until, in the final night of horror, awesome and malign forces are unleashed in a supernatural storm that threatens to consume the village itself. For Sleath is not what it seems. And the dead have returned for a reason."

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thanks brb - i've read loads of JH's but not for a while - will keep my eyes open

soemtimes it's good to read an english supernatural thriller rather than king or koontz


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cheers folks - currently wading through lee childs "jack reacher" series.
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