god dam windows is acting for an activation code AGAIN!

    Im really p'd off. About a month ago I updated and discovered id been sold a fake windows. I was fuming obviously and tried everything until someone gave me a code and it worked it said its been activated blah blah blah. I'd forgotten all about it until i restarted the compo before and a message poppped up saying i had 7 days! It said this as ai was loading up and once i had gotten on i went to the bar that says activate windows with the little photo of the keys and it says windows is already activated!! I literally havent done anything as i dont want to mess it up i just logged straight on here... Can anyone help me once and for all?

    Btw I tried ringing microsoft who said basically it was nothing to do with them as they cant control who buys fakes and I would have to buy genuine =0(


    Buy a genuine copy,Its not really worth the hassle and if you cant do Windows updates then that leaves your PC open to all sorts of security problems,Not trying to preache to you or anything but i personally prefer the peace of mind,

    Use linux. Its free and much better than windows. I'm using Ubuntu just now. does everything that windows does, and is more stable and secure. Best of all its free and only takes 30 mins to install

    what version of windows?

    Ring microsoft. I heard they offer discounts to people who have been sold fake copies. Or you could just download another fake copy and reinstall it.

    Disable pop-ups and forget about it :whistling:
    Sorry it must be annoying for you, as StevenA2000_uk said try Linux or maybe Mozilla F/F, they are free to d/l and do the same once you get used to them

    Please give a little more information... what service pack you on and what method of activation did you use, i.e OEM hack or vista timer reset?

    I used the permanently activated edition and i have not heard a peep out of it since been installed since launch pretty much...

    Then again you may not be using vista which would render this post useless lol... need more info!

    I know someone who bought a PC and it had a dodgy version of XP on it . The woman rang Microsoft and told them what had happened and they sent her a new copy of XP ................................But , she had to pay £98 for it . Check out the forums for a second hand version or better still , get hold of the Corperate version . I use this on umpteen laptops with no problems .


    Please tell me you're joking? Please?



    Please tell me you're joking? Please?



    Why whats wrong with Linux? :?


    Why whats wrong with Linux? :?

    I'm not +1'ing the linux, i'm +1'ing the fact he told him to use mozilla f/f as an operating system

    firstly Linux is a good idea if you do not want to pay for an O/S - i use it all the time but i do a computing degree so no surprise there really
    Sounds like you are using XP - if so download the WPA crack - this will sort this out - most downloads come with instructions on how to use it
    If it is Vista (unlikely since all copied Vista's I have ever seen have had the automatic crack with them) just re download it from somewhere
    Or buy genuine....
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