God of War, Shadow of Colossus, Ico - Playstation 2

    Been having a look around for the cheapest price.

    So far

    God of War £12.49 at Asda or £12.99 at

    Ico - £14.99 at HMV

    Shadow of Collosus is tough, prices remain high.

    If anyone could point me to possibly better deals for these three that would be fantastic.


    I know this is a bit of chance but I went into my local blockbuster the other day and they had a pre-owned copy of shadow of the colossus for £12.99 which is not bad since its £25+ still.

    Seems you missed out, I bought Shadow of the Collossus from Woolworths for £14.99 last month. I also bought ICO a few weeks earlier from HMV at £11.50 inc some codes that I had. These are meant to be 3 of the best games around, great choice

    I still havent touched SOTC or ICO as of yet, they're brand new sealed. Must get round ot finding some time!

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I will take a nosey down at a Blockbuster soon and check Woolworths.

    Ordered God of War for a tenner from Powerplaydirect after using a voucher code.

    thanks all and feel free to add if anything comes up as will I.
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