God who invented the mobile phone? Moan moan moan

    ..she's still moaning. What's the best way to fake my phone being broken?



    whose still moaning? just turn it off or tell her to shut up

    if its insured, smash it, claim later.

    turn it off.

    'it ran out of battery'

    get one of those phones from hong kong with the built in taser stun gun-problem solved!

    You sir are banned! enjoy!


    You sir are banned! enjoy!

    i lol'd so so hard.


    You sir are banned! enjoy!

    His wifes the admin

    In before im suspended

    Ear defenders!!

    haha...u got such a long way to go yet kiddo!

    I agree with Sassie, turn it off....then pretend you have lost your charger. Or say you dropped it down the toilet! It can happen oO

    Just tell her it's started to switch itself off for no apparent reason, mine does that a lot these days, grrrrrrrr (the phone, not the gf)......
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