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Found 4th Mar 2010
I see GoDaddy now offer hosting in Europe - the package I've seen is their Deluxe Package which seems to have most of what I need. however their email limits seem tiny - 250 out going emails a day seems very low - say for example you want to create a forum like this that send out an instant email notification when a reply comes it - that would soon be reached.

But overall the package price seems good about £70 for 2 years with a 25% off promo code applied, etc

Does anyone have a better deal (better promo code?)

Also any stories about GoDaddy Hosting experiences both good and bad?

most of what I want to do is things like PHP . MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc
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A lot of hosts limit the amount of emails sent per day - I use a resellers package and they limit me on mails, but can send huge amounts through mailling lists. To give you an idea

Mailing Lists: This can be used as many times as you like. Although it is limited to 2500 users per list.

Webservers: The number of emails that can be sent by any one user is limited to 1000 per 12 hours.

PC Software (such as Outlook): There is no limit apart from a maximum of 100 recipients per message.

Webmail: You are limited to 50 emails per day. 24 hour period is from Midnight to Midnight.

Hope that info helps - if you want further details on the host let me know.
It looks like the 70GBP for 2 years option is as low as it goes - I couldn't get it any lower. Kessa is right - if you use mailing lists for mass mails, that's far easier on the limits. And watch out for the legendary Go Daddy upselling on checkout

I've collected a stack of 'email marketing' codes over the years, direct from Go Daddy, which you're welcome to snag - though as I say, it looks like your best offer is the 25% coupon you found. For completeness, have 'em for your records or whatever:

EMMA9 = .com domains for $7.49 each (new & renewal)
EMMA3 = .com domains for $7.49 each (new & renewal)
EMMA35 = .com domains for £3.50 each
EMMA30 = 30% discount on .com domains
EMMA25 = 25% reduction on your order of $100+
EMMA8 = 20% off your order of $50+
EMMA7 = 10% discount on non-sale items (no minimum)
EMMA20H = 20% hosting discount (1,2 or 3 year plans)
EMMASSL = $12.99 SSL certificates

Something else to note: hosting gets you dibs on a $1.99 domain (just over a quid), but you may be better off splitting/joining purchases together to get a better deal. I'm sure you know this already, just saying, like
To SAVE 25%*, simply place your order of $60 or more by Sunday, March 21, 2010 at midnight (PT). Be sure to use source code gda315c in your cart or mention the code when you call 020 7979 2661.

Thanks as always for being a Go Daddy customer.

got that this morning, give it a try
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