GoDaddy Vs WIX - which do you go for?

Found 15th Mar 2018
If you only want 1-3 web pages, simple to use, own your own domain name - which one would you recommend? Thanks
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Will probably get shot down for this as everyone seems to hate GoDaddy on here lol.

In my experience GoDaddy are ok for buying just the domain name, you would probably be better getting your hosting elsewhere and building your own site with Wordpress as it may work out a better solution. is free. You can pay extra for domain and to remove adds but the free site dose me. I have a domain for advertising ect but if anyone types it in then it redirects to my WordPress site. Who types domain address in anyway. I don't. I Google and click the link so I'm happy with the free WordPress address.. Try Mess about. There is a delete site in settings if you decide against it. Won't cost you a penny to try
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Simple site? Know what you are doing? Zero cost
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