GOG Galaxy 2.0 / Cross platform game launcher Free (Open Beta PC)

Posted 19th Mar
Organise your games across platforms into one functional and beautiful library.

Connect GOG GALAXY 2.0 with multiple platforms and unite all your games and friends scattered across them in one powerful app.

Import all your games from PC and consoles, build and organise them into one master collection.

Keep track of all your achievements, hours played and games owned, combined across platforms.

Install and launch any PC game you own, no matter the platform.

Create custom library views by filtering, sorting, tagging and adding your own visuals like game backgrounds and covers.

Follow upcoming releases, and discover games popular among your friends and the gaming community (Soon)

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Good Info for those not aware.

Ive been a fan of GOG and a beta tester for GOG since early 2014. Very happy with the outcome of 2.0!
I've literally been using this since 2019.
Where is a deal?
I prefer Playnite - can add Blizzard and Microsoft games to that too - so all games can launch from one place.
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