GoGo Hamsters + LuLu Kitty!

    Ok, i think these are gonna be THE toy for the younger kiddlywinks this christmas so does anybody know of any deals on these?
    I'm guessing they might not be doing any deals as they know they're gonna sell out probably anyway but though i'd ask just incase.

    Also the other supposedly best selling toy for crimbo 09 is gonna be LuLu Kitty.

    Will post links in next post.

    Do let us know if you see ANY deals for these please


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    GoGo Hamsters - ]http//ww…uk/
    GoGo Hamsters video (if you don't know what they're all about) - ]http//ww…php


    LuLu the cat

    i like lulu thae kitty ... may get one for my little girl x

    ah the hamsters look cute, had not seen them before

    lulu in stock at - £47.99 - cheapest i can find ...yet

    keep an eye out at argos, last year running upto xmas they had 20% off certain toys each week.

    love the kitty but god thats expensive!!

    think the hamsters are gonna be hot present this year Play already have 4-5 week delivery time on them!

    i was in toysrus and they had them instore at £10 each, not many left though, try ebay as well loads of people selling them on there

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    I'm gonna check out tesco's to see if they have any instore there.

    My gf's little girl really wants the hamsters since i showed her them.
    I don't think i'll show her the lulu kitty at that price lol.
    I'm gonna be skint enough as it is with my 2 boys and my gf's 3 kids lol.

    i bought 2 of the hamsters yesterday in toyrus, parkhead, glasgow for £9.99 each and the play house thingy for £19.99. this seemed to be the ONLY place near me that had them in stock, all the tescos/asdas/argos were out of stock.

    Argos have a deal if you buy the house you get a hamster half price, but as i said, no stock anywhere near me....

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    Thanks for that lola, Rep'd.
    Will check it out
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