Going away for a 2nd Valentines Day, anyone got a nice Hotel for us?


    My OH and I are having a 2nd Valentines Day. Whist we did have an original valentines day (I didnt forget or anything!), it just didnt go quite to plan and were arranging another one! Or at least, we want to go away for a night and celebrate like its our valentines day nice evening meal somewhere etc.

    So, Im trying to find a nice hotel to stay, Id say my budget is about £50. I know its not a huge amount but Id expect that to get us something nice enough to be able to enjoy ourselves. Obviously, we can book into a Travelodge and have done and Id save £20-30 but ideally looking for something a little less standard than that.

    We want to go away 5th March, looking for somewhere in the Midlands. If you were to draw a box between Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby and Leicester thats the sort of area wed want to be in.

    Anyone got anywhere nice for us? Lol.


    Just make sure stoke and wolverhampton are outside the box ........... lol

    How about Stratford Upon Avon?


    Original Poster


    Try ]]]

    Thankyou for the suggestions. I was aware of and had been using it, but not the other 2. :thumbsup:
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