Going back to BT

    I'm with Sky now for line rental and Calls, but I'm planning to switch to BT. Is there any offer from BT for customers who are going back to BT. I was with BT then moved to sky last year.

    I don't mind tying up for 12 months but looking for a good deal. please advise.


    i moved our calls to virgin as we changed our broadband supplier, had a letter asking us to go back and we get free evening n weekend calls plus free 0845 + 0870 numbers free need to sign up for 12 months, but at the mo we getting unlimited calls with broadband so no use to us at min, but its one offer going about, maybe need to ring them and ask what kind of offers they have , they will try to do anything to get you back so maybe worth a few mins on the phone to them,

    I'm with AOL and I get unlimited anytime calls and broadband for 6.99 per month but not free 0845 0870 ,this may be because we were going to move to sky and AOL lowered their price from 9.99,need to have a BT line so I just have their basic package which is free

    I got free connection (they wanted £122.50) by quoting CAB999 and broadband option 1 @ £9.99/month by quoting WLR999. Both by calling 0800 678 1599. Unfortunately I am tied in for 18 months but it got me a BT line (from Bulldogbroadband) without paying a fee and 18 months from now I can look at other ISPs
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