Going Crazy over Captcha

Found 12th Dec 2017
There I was thinking I'll order than PSVR game by logging into my PS4 account. That was over 25 minutes ago, during which I've gone literally mad trying to get this infuriating Captcha thing to log me in. Whether its street signs, cars, or shop fronts, I've picked all of them and still seem to be getting it wrong.
Is there a knack to this or is someone somewhere having a laugh at my expense?
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Your not supposed to click them all, only the ones with the image they ask for
its actually not hard, but it can be annoying, you lost the captcha quiz, goodbye!

So, what you're saying is that you're a robot? This must be one heck of a way to find that out about yourself. Cracking premise for a low-budget sci-fi series
Which game were you trying to buy? It might be a warning it's not for you
Here's one what would you click on

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