going crazy with my thomson tg585v7 router, connection drop out.

    Right, rant time. I left Plusnet recently after constant connection drop outs mainly when i was playing Fifa 10 on PS3.
    I switched to Aquiss only to be up against the same problems although it's the laptop now as well as the PS3 that can't hold a connection for longer than 15 mins. I have tried 2 thomson tg585v7 routers (as i was told they are the best on the market) so not thinking it's the router (but i'd be delighted if someone came on and told me they were **** so i could just change it.) I've tried putting it in DMZ mode but had no luck. messed about with the settings and resetted router about 50 times............losing the will to live.

    pretty much ready to lob the whole lot in the bin.
    some help much appreciated here.


    start with your line ... you need to be checking any stats page your router has to show you the connection rate, SNR, Noise, Attenuation etc. FEC/HEC errors.

    Any phone extension cables should be removed and plug the router directly into the fist inbox that come into your house eg where the line comes in.

    If the DSL stats are fine then you should keep the router well ventilated.

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    cheers guys, i'll give that a go tonight
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