Going on holiday to Turkey Kusadasi for 1 week need some advice please

Found 11th Mar 2011
Hi we have booked our holiday to Turkey Kusadasi for 1 week Saturday 16th April will be staying at hotel Surmeli Efes, Kusadasi, has anyone been? and can you recommed any good places to go etc also where is the place to excahnge our money is it best to do it here or there any advice much appreciated many thanks all
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When i when to to Turkey best place was the Hotel or Airport.
Efesus is very near Kusadasi, this is a historical site and well worth a visit, there is also a good waterpark in the town, depends what you are looking for
Click here for reviews/photos etc and on the left hand side is things to do, places to eat etc.
We went to Kusadasi last year. We stayed at the Aqua Fantasy Park Hotel and, if you are in to that sort of thing, I’m sure it must be great. We were there for Ephesus –Fantastic ancient ruins and well worth the trip in themselves. You can get there by the local minibuses (dolmus) easily. We went into Kusadasi to change money and to book trips to the Greco-roman sites; they have lots of different excursions though – so go in and take a look. The travel reps at our hotel had no idea at all; we asked and they hadn’t even heard of half the places that we asked about. We went to Selcuk and Ephesus by ourselves on the dolmus and booked a day trip to Didyma, Miletos & Priene. Did a couple of other outings.
Money exchange is very easy at the ‘shops’ in Kusadasi.
We took some turkish lira for immediate use and a couple of tenners for the visas and sterling to change at the exchanges.
Think you should have done some research before booking to be honest.

I always use this site before booking anywhere. After what seems like a bargin, you can check to see what a particular hotel is like, and see if its any good.
I would say dont go, unless you enjoy being harassed for sex by the local men.
I went to turkey last year, was very cynical after hearing stuff like the above statements.
It was great the people were friendly, and always there to help with a smile on thier faces, from morning to night.
They do fight for your attention, but that's competition, we just had to say no thank you and they would say ok, I hope to see you again, and shake you hand and give you a card.

Was looking at going to kudasi next year actually. We went to icmeler, nicest place I have been, 2 weeks of pure sun. I would recommend the boat trips great value
was at this hotel last year. Looks like a big ship. Do the quad bikes and ephesus. It is a bit out of kusadasi, but the dolmus are cheap and take you straight to the hotel. the entertainment isnt brilliant but the hotel is great. They have quite a few pools, the one with the daily sports is quite loud. the quiet one is nice and relaxing and there is a big pool as you walk out of the lobby. The markey in kusadasi is pretty good if you like rip off goods !!
People were great. the airport trip and flight times for us werent the best. But I would go again tomorrow
thanks everyone for all your views and recommendations
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