Found 3rd Feb 2007
more of Advice than specific deals i want, though i would like to ask what kinda stuff would be good to look for in america, i know Ipods are pretty cheap esp of the apple refurb site, but what else would be good to buy?? are Wii's or 360's advisable to buy?? and if so what kind of price should they be (also is the 360 region locked from US and UK)??

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The 360 console (and Wii) will need a step converter unlike the PS3..Region locking isn't a huge problem as games are cheaper online from states than here anyway..
Generally speaking, i would get PS3 games, ipod, also laptops are cheap out there..

Pop down to circuit city or bestbuy.

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Digital cameras? Jeans , trainers, after shave ?


most off the stuff there isn't much differance what with added tax .perfume is good ,trainers and clothes check out wal-mart sites etc online toys are also very good if you have kids and computer games but make sure compatible go for ds or psp etc .have fun when you go .i'm going back in nov and can't wait as there are good sales that time of year .

anything else just ask .
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