Going to Amsterdam

    Going to surprise the OH with a trip to the Dam in January for his xmas.
    Have been 4 times already and absolutely love the place,
    we got engaged on our last trip there.

    Looking for different ideas on what to visit.Doesn't have to be Central.
    Already been to Madame Tussauds,The Dungeon,Erotic Museum,Hemp Museum,
    the zoo, the flower market,Anne Frank's house and the heinekken(?) brewery.

    Rep added for any help


    dont go to the torture museum its rubbish
    get a bike
    vondel park
    go on a mill trip lol it will get u out the city and i think the tours including transport is cheap


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    been there,done that.......and several others:roll:

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    barney's farmrastababyfreeworldParadoxgrasshoper 2barney's … barney's farmrastababyfreeworldParadoxgrasshoper 2barney's uptown:thumbsup:

    not wanting to spend all my time in coffeshops!:roll:
    blue brothers and the joker are the best tho:whistling:


    Here are a few ideas. Delft was really pretty. … Here are a few ideas. Delft was really pretty.

    Used to work there sometimes, great place.

    you said you went to the erotic museum but did you do the sex museum too? lol

    Vondel Park is good for a walk and could even try to get a game on the giant chess board 2 mins from the entrance

    What about the diamond cutting place?

    Don't just stay in amsterdam, I Iived in Leiden for a year, which is a half hour train trip away. Try going outside the Dam, Haarlem, Leiden, the Hague, Utrecht or even Rotterdam. Or if you want to stay close to the dam, take a bus to Volendam, it's right beside Edam, less than hours bus trip from the Dam. You can go see edam being made, go to a clog factory and get dressed up as old Dutch fisher foke and have your pic taken. And try dutch herring!
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