Going to Ascot on Saturday For The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup, Any Tips or Help With Betting?

    Going to Ascot on Saturday in our companies box for The Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup. There are 6 races and I don't have a clue where to put my money.

    So if anyone's got any inside tips or advice or where to get help on where to put my money would be really appreciated. Would like to put my cash on a horse that may win instead of one that has a nice name


    Yes ... only take with you what you can afford to loose.

    and only bet on the winning horses lol

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    Right i'll rememeber that. I'm not the kind of person to start betting cash i haven't got. Just want to bet a little bit on each race to make it a bit more interesting.


    Yes ... only take with you what you can afford to loose.

    Cant go wrong with that piece of advice :thumbsup:

    not 100% sure but dont you get like, a betting guide book at the races? it shd state which races and which horses are competing and the bookies predictions etc.

    i stick to £5 a race. try [url][/url]. they might have some good tips


    Depends how many of you are going but doing a communal bet is good.
    If you do a Lucky 15, 31 it means that you pick a horse from one of each of the races. Lucky 15 is 4 selections so if your first horse loses you can still win.
    The bet is split up in 15 seperate bets -
    4 singles
    6 doubles
    4 trebles and a fourfold.

    So times your unit stake by 15. You can also do each way - just double your stake.

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