Going to Bath for Long Week-End

    Visiting Bath for 3 days, arriving tomorrow from N.Ireland. Please recommend what to do!!


    Bath Spa
    Roman Baths
    Jamie Oliver restaurant for lunch
    Bath Rugby


    Bath SpaRoman BathsJamie Oliver restaurant for lunchBath Rugby

    +1, and have a look online for some discount entry vouchers before you go.

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    Hello, Mr Potato Head
    Thank you for your kind response!!
    Did'nt know that Jamie Oliver had a restaurant there, shall google & check it out, a nice lunch perhaps on Saturday!!! Also, shall pack "swimgear" for Roman Baths. Ah, the Rugby, If Ireland are set to play Bath, I'll be there!!

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    Many thanks, Sickly Sweet, shall check online, now....I have been so busy with work, etc.. to check earlier!!

    Avoid Jamie Oliver place, its crap and overrated. Pop to Komedia which is the comedy club, their food is reasonable and owned by the River Cottage people. Theres also a boating lake near the rugby ground, always a laugh but try not to look to p'd or they won't let you out in the boats.

    Opa's or Revolution are the better clubs for a night out.

    Spa is good but roof will be bleedin freezing this weekend, brave souls will dare lol

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    Thank-you choc 1969, will give J.Oliver a miss. Really like the idea of Komedia, it is now on the agenda!!

    1st thing to do in bath is shower


    i went bath for 2 weeks, i was well wrinkled

    definatly the fudge shop near the roman Baths! Its the best fudge you will ever taste but mega expensive lol!! I go just for the fudge as the sight seeing has worn off on me, been too often as used to live close.
    You will enjoy your time there xx

    Will you have a car? There are some excellent pubs just outside Bath in the countryside but they are very difficult to get to without a car.

    The abbey is beautiful if you want to have a look around inside.
    The various parks in Bath are lovely, and you can also go for a walk along the canal which is nice.
    I also recommend Komedia for food as Choc1969 said.

    Edit: just seen you are coming from NI so assuming you won't have a car; you could get the bus to Southstoke; there is an excellent pub called the Packhorse. Southstoke is only just outside Bath, about 20 mins on bus. It's one of my favourites and the food and drink is very good.

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