Going to Bruges

    i am going to bruges in about 4 months time with college but its only for about 10 hours

    is there anything i could pick up for cheap to sell over here (except from alcohol or cigs!?!)

    and if i take a freeview usb stick will i be able to detect their channels??



    One of the most famous 'products' to come out of Bruges, is lace. However, other exports they have is the constant stench in the air, and the general ambience of pure filth - sorry, but one of the dirtiest, most unhygenic places i have ever been to:-(

    The lace is quite expensive, too - lovely stuff but you wouldn't sell it for much profit here in the UK. As it's quite touristy, nothing's particularly cheap there. Like Jelli89 says, it can pong a bit too - sorry.

    i have been in bruge twice never found that it ponged !!! I stayed in a hotel near to the square where u can hire a horse n cart and it was a wee bit niffy there !!!lol but not anywhere else

    Belgium Chocolates!

    Do a search around though...I found a 1KG box selling for 15€ in the main streets, but as I walked around the back streets the prices went down!
    I ended up paying 8€ for a box in the end.

    Buy a few boxes though as its amazing how many friends you end up having!

    Original Poster

    thanks for the tips people

    i thought that there wont be anything good enough to get there


    freeview stick wouldnt detect their channels, especially their adult channels! lmao
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