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Going to disney land paris, how many euros should i take??

Posted 18th Jul 2010
I'm off to disney next week with some family, i only have to take money for myself and i have already paid for my entry and hotel, how much should i take? im looking just to cover food and drink and then a little spending money, but i am unsure of how expensive it is, i am staying for 3 nights and 4 days, thank you
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in-laws took my boys last year and said it was dear.... 6 euros for a hot dog!
Food and drink within the park is ridiculously expensive. I generally try not to eat too much whilst I am there! I haven't been in ages so hopefully someone else will be able to give you more useful information than me!
I ate at the Planet Hollywood there & paid about 20 euro for a massive plate of ribs & chips. So that may give you an idea. A beer on top of that was another 6 or 8 euro.

Hope you have a fab time. The Hotel of Horror (I think it was called) was my favourite followed by the Indiana Jones ride.

i thought it would be quite expensive, hopefully worth it though!
I've been to Disneyland Paris several times and usually find it quite expensive- it seemed particularly expensive when I was there last year.

It worked out around £25 p.p. for a 3 course meal in their table service restaurants, and the food was generally mediocre. A few of the restaurants in Disney Village do cheaper menus at lunch time - King Ludwig's Castle is nice.

There's also a big shopping centre with a supermarket one RER stop along (Val d' Europe), where you can buy drinks and snacks cheaply.

Enjoy Disneyland - it's definitely worth the expense!

Assuming you are bed and breakfast and dont need to pay for that,if you have to buy lunch,dinner and a few drinks and maybe a souveneir or two,if you are on a budget and money is tight I would say 50 euros a day will be ok.

It can be done for less,but you want to enjoy the experience-there is a mcdonalds in the village which is the cheapest place to eat. There is also billy bobs saloon-3 course dinner for 18 euros(altho the pudding is a chocolate brownie).

souveniers are expensive-so are drinks,but if its within your budget take 50/60 per day to be sure.

Like I said.you COULD do it cheaper but that will ensure you not fretting about cash.

we always go bed and breakfast and budget about 250/300 euros per day for SIX of us and we eat well,kids get plenty stuff in the disney shops etc.Most of the hotels are all you can eat buffet breakfasts so you can save buying lunch by filling a handbag under the table while the waiters arent looking!(mrs barky is a master at this-lol)
thank you for all your help everyone, i think i'll aim for around 50 euros a day and less if i can help it, i dont have children to buy for some hopefully that will cut some of my expense down! i'm only an auntie tagging along thank you again
I stayed at Disneyland about a year ago but we paid for half board before we went, so get got breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is basic in the disney hotels, cereal, bread rolls, ham, cheese and crossants. If you want to bring some of this with you for lunch, nobody will notice or care, everyone does it and the waiters don't notice or turn a blind eye, think there are just too many people in the restaurant in the mornings for them to even begin to stop people.

If you want lunch in Disneyland your cheapest options are probably going to be McDonalds or Pizza planet (think that is what it is called, after the toy story movie), it is usually quiet as it is kinda out of the way, I never knew it existed until my other half brought me to it.

Found a good section on their website entertainment.disneylandparis.co.uk/res…tml gives all their restaurants and bars and you can refine by price.
Forgot to mention a restuarant you must visit. Walt's - an american restaurant. It's on Main Street USA, think it's a yellow/cream coloured building.

They do a lunch offer for quite a reasonable price and you get a main course and special coffee/tea.

Can't remember what we had for a main course but it was very nice, but the special coffee/tea was definately special!

[image missing]

(hope the photo came out)

What you actually get is your coffee/tea, a chocolate sponge cake, a wafer biscuit (can't remember the name of it, it's the green one in the pic), a lemon (i think) sorbet and a mint.

My other half doesnt drink tea or coffee so hadn't ordered one and was so annoyed when he didn't get one but the waiter came back with one for him too without the tea/coffee so he wouldn't miss out. The staff were really lovely and if I was ever going back to Disneyland again (and your post has really want me to go back) I would def be back to this restaurant!

Lunch in the park at one of the many cafes will cost around 10 euros and for that you'll get fries, chicken wings and similar, a cold drink and a brownie a slightly larger portion will cost 13 euros. Smaller snack type meals including a hot dog, packet of crisps and small drink is 6 euros. Pizza menus are also available for 10 and 13 euros.These type of cafes are located around the park,

Evening meals in the Disney Village vary in cost but allow 25 to 30 euros for a buffet style meal including drink at Billie Bobs. A meal at the steak house will have a similar priced "tourist" menu for the same 25 euros but options for a more sumptuous meal will increase the cost.

Just remember that meals are the least of you worries, no body can better Disney for liberating cash from your pocket. Almost everywhere you look a stand will be offering all sorts of Disney product. Ride photographs are a very hefty 20 euros each and you will need at least one as a momento!

However, as a family us Pugw$sh's absolutely love it, we first took our kids when 5 and 3 and have returned several times since. The kids are 12 and 10 and we still enjoy it.

If you get very lucky you can miss the crowds, here are my girls finding Minnie...................


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