Going to Las Vegas for 2 days, what is must that I see and do?

    Hi I'm lucky enough to be going on the 28th for 2 days with my sis (who will be working on flight) but as we don't have long there I'm just wondering if anyone who has been can let me know what there fav things to do there were? We would like to do a tour of some sort of the grand canyon, its expensive but is it worth it?

    Anyway for anyone who's been please let me know what was what were your highlights, and what wouldn't you do again?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!


    You must see Freemont Street light show, visit the Grand Canyon and take a helicopter tour around Vegas at night....other than that, visit all the hotels on the strip, which should take months lol....theres far too much to do.....I wouldnt know what to do the most if I had 2 days there....

    I went twice and was there a total of 24 days and still I only got to see the tip of the;ll be overwhelmed that you'll be enjoying yourself too much to think about what to

    Just enjoy and casino's and slots and the shopping malls etc....theres shows on several times a day in most of the hotels as well.....

    Either way, I hope you have a good one :thumbsup:

    I went on the rides on top of the stratosphere hotel. That was amazing. I went to see Celine Dion but she isn't there now.


    if nothing else grand canyon

    Grand canyon by helicopter , I've not done it but its what I'd want to do if I were there I bet it's amazing, the reckon some of the cirque de soleil ( I know I spelt it wrong ) are fab too, I think I would want to do that too. Oh yes and meet the cast of csi if they were knocking about lol.

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    thank you, keep the suggestions coming
    Think we will do grand canyon. I'd love to see the strip at night from up high, do you think you see enough from the stratosphere or would it be worth doing a heli tour? Just thinking it might be a heli tour for the G C and should we really do both?
    The rides sound absolutely mad! I don't think I could convince my sis to do those, although I'd be up for x-scream :-)
    if only we had longer, still can't complain as flight and hotel is only costing me £65!

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    csi lol, yeah that would be cool!

    I suppose it depends on how much you have to spend if moneys no object then heli tours all the way, if not then the bog standard ones will be just as breath taking as its not something you may ever get to see again, I'm all for doing things to the max just in case.


    csi lol, yeah that would be cool!

    I'm sure you could bump into them on the way I mean half the population of las vegas gets murdered on the strip :giggle:

    Find Dolly Parton :giggle:
    Take A Photo
    Then Post It On Here!


    We went on the Helicopter trip to Grand Canyon and did the one that comes back when it's dark and they fly you right down the strip so you get both in one trip :thumbsup: saves doing both. Would highly recommend it it's great, not cheap tho.

    We keep saying it's about time we went back to vegas as we loved it!
    Sure you will have a great time.

    I'm sooooo jealous

    hi, i went back in November, it's a long way to go for 2 days, but i'm sure you'll enjoy it whilst your there. Don't know if it will be cheaper to book the Grand Canyon tours on the internet because when we were there the quotes for the helicopter tours were about $300 and that was just for a couple of hours.

    I would recommend having a browse and see what the prices are like. The Jubilee show at Bally's was amazing and is on twice a day.

    The first few days we just walked the strip popping into shops and Casinos, loads of designer shops if you have the money.

    Where are you staying?

    I'm sure you'll have a fab time you'll be amazed by Las Vegas, i sure was.


    The most important thing you must do is THE GRAND CANYON.

    Its the most spectacular thing on the planet. Miss it and regret.

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    ok so helicopter tour to grand canyon it is then, preferably one which comes back late to fly over the strip.

    can anyone recomend a good company to book with? there are about 20+ offering the same sort of thing and I can't decide who to book with

    best price I've found so far is $289 + $40 fuel charge for 3.5hr tour with landing and picnic in the canyon and fly over strip (although not in the dark)


    Personally Id recommend landing at the canyon so you can view from the south rim and appreciate the scale.
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