going to London baby, need help

Hi there all you lovley hukders. im going to london for a short break soon. I was wondering if anybody could advise me of a web site that offers discounts on days out ect in the city. i know there are some, cant remember what they are called, can you help?
thanks so much


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this help ]http://www.londonisfree.com/?

thanks so much will try now, goodnight, god bless

I can help you out a lot, as I've planned a lot of stuff in London...what kinda stuff are you interested in and what's your budget for entertainment?

There's no single site that is the cheapest for everything but there are a mixture of offers, so I can tell you all the best offers around. :thumbsup:

Hope you enjoy London...it's a wonderful city if you know what you're doing.


Glad I am a real Londoner lol

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Glad I am a real Londoner lol

so you should be , you lucky person. i live on the isle of bute, stunning, but far away from london, londeners as so helpful and friendly



This is the best link to follow just print out the ones you want it has them all :thumbsup:

I sent you some more advice via brit trips offers as well, so you can enjoy London during the time where you have nothing to do. ;-)

Remember that you MUST explore London...there's so much going on constantly.



I saw a very long advert for that site last night. :w00t:



I saw a very long advert for that site last night. :w00t:

blanket campaigning.....all over the tube stations n that as well

not bad site actually
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