going to normal websites/facebook on BB pearl without having the blackberry service.

    Hi all.

    My wife has a BB pear 3G which at the moment she is using on t-mobile and pays an extra £5 a month to use the BIS however she uses nothing of the features and is coming to an end of her contract.

    She would still like to use the phone as she likes it and is very particular about them (we went through loads before she found this one)

    However I would like the new iPhone4 and am willing to get the 12 month contact with them and give her the sim but this only comes with 1GB of data and no BB service.

    All she will use the data for is a bit of facebook at work and maybe light browsing.

    Could this be done or does it HAVE to have the BB service paid for to work at all?


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    That will be fine... The Blackberry would just not have the email or messenger functions working if there is no BIS... And because she will have the Internet included on the sim she could just browse the Internet. With Tmobile you can add extra boosters to normal priceplans so even if you give her your sim from the iPhone 4, and she decides she then wants BIS, she can just add it on paying £5 per month.
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