Going to order samsung le32r88bd tomorrow but....

    Can anyone whos been successful in price matching from dixons on the le32r87bd model on beyond television tell me what i should be saying when i ring up as theres a del. charge of £20 on there website and im half expecting dixons to comment on theirs being free plus the model numbers are different.Thanks :thumbsup:


    Hi babypurple - I just ordered mine today from Dixons getting them to do the pricematch. I just told them the details on beyondtelevision and said that it was the same model but theirs was exclusive to dixons with a blue light. The lady on the phone was a bit arsey and said it's a different model. As I'd seen people on here saying they got them to pricematch, I stood my ground and asked her to check with someone else - she came back on and grumpily said they would match it. Not sure if they are all as arsey on that line but she was a real pain. Just stand your ground with them and you'll be fine. She asked if postage was included at the start of the call and I said I didn't know (obviously I did know that beyondtelevision do charge) then she never mentioned it again towards the end of the call so I got it for 449 which I was well chuffed with.

    Good luck - post to let me know how you got on. Be strong and stand your ground! They will match it!


    Did you have to pay by phone

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    Thanks for the advice,ill try ringing them and see what they say!!

    If you don't succeed with the first person that answers, just ring again at a different time I try the next one.

    First person that I got to did not even question me, they just said fine.

    Sammy26 - You will need to pay over the phone (so no quidco).

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    Well they price matched with beyond televisions but charged me £25 del.Also they price on beyond tv has gone down to £438!

    Silly question perhaps, but why not buy it from BeyondTelevision?

    I mean, Dixons are amongst the worst online retailers out there, so why bother with them?

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    I didnt think of that at the time but by the end of the call and when theyd took all my card details he then says there will be a delivery charge! I wonder if i could cancel my order?

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    Oh ive just remembered why i ordered from dixons and not beyond television is because i wanted the 88bd model and not the 87 one.I know theres not much difference but i really preferred the newer one.

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    For all those who have bought the samsung le32r88bd have you wall mounted it ok? I know it says its not wall mountable but have read that loads of people have mounted theres but its something to do with the cables at the back.
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