Going to Orlando 5th june Need Help?

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Found 1st Jun 2008
Hi, guys i need 3 adult Universal tickets to see the different 6 parks for a week. I don't want to go to the disney theme parks. Is it cheaper to purchase tickets in the uk or in Orlando. Also i need a sim card for the US can i use my regular pay as you go sim card.


oh oh i cant help with your questions but all i can say is im going to Orlando the day after you

i think you may be able to use your own depends on the phone you have, i thinksbut rem it will cost so much more to use

buy a local sim
buy tickets her there are a few ites where you buy here and pick up over there
Going in august but I have annual passes - might be worth you thinking about as the Universal 3 day pass is just a little cheaper than an annual and you get free parking on the more expensive annual and just get normal annuals for everyone else, it also renews for another year for just $99

In your six different parks do you include Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay?

If so are you aware that this is NOT in Orlando but about 60 or 70 miles away in Tampa.

The other parks are all fairly near each other in Orlando.

Two parks are actually owned by Universal. That is Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. They are next door to each other.

The other parks - SeaWorld, Aquatica and Wet ‘n Wild are not owned by Universal but are packaged with them ticket wise to help them compete with Disney.

Wet n'Wild is very near the other Universal parks, SeaWorld and Aquatica are next to each other but are a few miles away (5? miles).

The other place you may see mentioned is Universal City Walk which is in between the two Universal parks but is an entertainment area with bars, restaurants, cinemas, clubs and so on.


i just bought a 14day 6 park ticket for £135 that price anygood to u ?

Definately buy a local sim (try and get one from ebay with minutes included if you can if you can get it posted to somewhere) Signifincantly cheaper.

2 pointers. 1. When you get your card/no. Ring their customer advice and ask them to move it to a local code (orlando is 407 I think), this makes calls cheaper still. Say you are planning on moving there.

The second thing to watch for (and I am willing to be corrected here) is that you may also be charged for incoming calls aswell. ie if someone rings you, it comes off your credits aswell.

As I said, this is my understanding of the US phone system and I am happy to be corrected, but it is a lot cheaper than using your UK account, under a local network. Hope this helps

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i just bought a 14day 6 park ticket for £135 that price anygood to u ?

Looking to pay £100 each:thumbsup:

7 day entry to both Universal parks for only £42.76 - tickets collected at customer services desk at Universal

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