Going to see jay from the inbetweeners tomorrow

    Doing a dj set down here.. i know hes done many up and down the country.. has anyone been to one?


    I'm trying to get him over to Ibiza for a slot....

    he's such a bullshitter I bet he wont even be there


    he's such a bullshitter I bet he wont even be there

    haha just what i was thinking!

    nice avi btw DG lol

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    haha course he will already got the tix ennit!

    Yeah, bet his driver will be in Afghanistan ........

    Original Poster Banned

    oh i get it, durgh. X)

    he wont be there, hes been scheduled to do about 3 in dundee in the last year and hasnt turned up on the night X)

    Original Poster Banned

    nahhhh. he came down in january and turned up but missed him as wasnt in the country. got a briefcase aswell im taking with me X)
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