going to sell lappy and get a desktop whats the best way to transfer files?

    basically music,photos, videos, docs and emails.



    USB to USB cable?

    external hard drive? if getting rid of laptop before buying PC.

    Everyone should have an exteranal hard drive anyway as a safety backup,

    Just get an external Hard Drive, copy all you files onto there then copy them back onto the new desktop, worth always keeping a backup off all your stuff so keeping the external hard drive and updating it regularly won’t hurt.

    Ethernet or Firewire Between the two. USB is two slow.

    Ethernet is like lightening I do it with movies from desktop to Macbook (LEGIT movies may I add)

    You dont NEED an external hard drive, just make a backup disk using a backup software.

    Editl: Only works if you buy the desktop first OFC.


    windows easy transfer which is built in ..........

    Get a Dropbox account, gives you 2GB free and all you have to do is install it on both computers and drag the files you want to sync to a specified folder.

    I wrote an article on it for my website:…ox/

    back up onto an external, restore from it...

    Personally I'd just stick the laptop drive in the desktop, as long as it's not a proprietry design with no spare power leads or drive bays all you need is a 2.5" to 2.5" mounting bracket (converter) and an SATA cable.

    if you dont have much data, and If you want to avoid the cost of an external hard drive, then just buy a memory stick, you can get them in various sizes, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb etc.

    A 4Gb should only set you back about £10.

    I just used two 8gb SD cards that I have for my camera. Took a while (probably filled each card twice. had one transferring to new laptop whilst other was filling from old desktop)but saves buying an external HDD unless you need one.
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