Going to South Africa for FIFA world cup

    Just wondering who else is going to SA for the world cup.
    Are there any forums or groups i can join?

    I'm currently traveling over from Birmingham alone and staying with relatives in Durban. Doubt i'll see any England games, but have tickets for other games in Durban.

    It's so expensive i can't blame mates for not being able to make it, but it would be good to find some football fans (any nationality) to watch some of the matches with.


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    1 month to go now, anyone else getting ready to make the trip? (Not you Emile Heskey, you can stay at home)

    There are tickets for all games still available (except for the semi's and final), so you can still get England ones if you want.


    My sister got back from her annual 6 week visit to South Africa in February. She commented on how much the prices had risen and that they were gearing themselves for a complete rip off. She brought back for my kids , some official world cup gear (t-shirt, rucksack, wallet, stickers and a couple of minor things) and cost her £80 per kid! I was like WTF! I wouldn't have thought that lot would have cost no more than £30 in the UK - and SA was as cheap as chips!

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    England arent likely to play anywhere near Durban, so it's unlikely i'll catch them, already spent a few hundred on the match tickets i have.

    Seeing England means air travel and the flights are much more expensive than my last visit in May 09.

    Not going to S.Africa this year but went to Germany in 06 and it was awesome, met so many people from different countries and went to 6 games all together.

    Have a great time :thumbsup:

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    Damn you Capello, stop picking Heskey!!!

    I went to the last two euros and the last wc, going this time just for the final, staying in joburg for 4 days. flights cost £944 return, heard prices have dropped for june now.

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    Anyone else in a similar position should check out the world cup forum on Tripadvisor, the best I've found so far with lots of input and good advice.


    try the thorn tree forums over at lonely planet.........ive always found them good if you want to meet up with people travelling for a while
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