going to the cinema tonight- any recommendations

    can anyone recommend a good light hearted funny movie currently showing at the flicks

    or a good all round quality movie



    Buy nachos! they are great!

    Saw V, MWUAHAHAHA, no good films out right now

    High School Musical 3 --- oops, sorry, thought this was the thread where you say things you'd never say if you were really you! Seriously though, just had a look at what's on in our local VUE and it seems to be a pretty weak weak for films...


    Buy nachos! they are great!

    And have extra chillis..


    Original Poster Banned


    Buy nachos! they are great!

    who stars in that?


    who stars in that?

    Some mexican dudes, They always have a POS ( point of sale) advert at all the cinemas ive been to! :-D

    I don't know how old you are and this may sound silly, but I agree with Liddle ol 'me and would highly recommend High School Musical 3. My husband and I took our 2 daughters and it was great, even my husband said he'd like to see it again. It's lighthearted, great fun, funny at times, and you come out feeling really happy. There were plenty of people in the cinema without children and I'm sure you'll love it.

    Ghost Town is as ok all rounder.

    yeah ghost town is a good light hearted all rounder,

    You definitely want to see 'Gomorra'

    Great film:…25/
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