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Apart from my passport, is there anything else I need nowadays to go to the US? Obviously flights etc.

Just wondering cos ive never been before and dont know if i need any visa's or what have you. Only going for 2 weeks.

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Umm i went in august for 3weeks and didnt need anything apart froma passport

usually you have to fill in a vistors visa form on the plane.
So bring a pen

they even provide a pen, if its a decent airline!

Don't grow a long beard, bring a backpack or have the sole of your shoe hanging off !!!

unless you've got a police record, You should be fine.

Original Poster

Thanks for the tip.

Anyone know if its cheap/easy to drive in the US? for hiring a car

cheap its is we went for 3 weeks and spent the total of roughly £210 on fuel on a tour of the west coast roughly 11000 miles. Easy yes if you remember they drive on the wrong side enjoy.

Where abouts you going ---east west or mid

Ooh, I'm thinking of a trip to America sometime this year...

Where you likely to be going duckmagicuk2

I've really not decided yet. The grand canyon skywalk sonds like fun... but I might want to try New York...

Well let me tell you if you see the grand canyon book a flight over it amazing stuff

Some credit cards will help pay for part of your car insurance. There is CDW which is collision damage waiver. I know I have a credit card that covers me providing I book the car using the card. It used to be about $9/day (about 7 years ago). Worth enquiring.
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