Going to the U.S. - Do I buy DS, PS3, XBOX, Projector, lightweight tent or what?

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Found 9th May 2008
Hi people,

Absolutely love the site. It's taken hours from me but I've enjoyed it so much. Especially when people go completely crazy for stuff they don't need.

I'm starting with a selfish one. I'm off to America on the 23rd of May and wondering if anyone has any recommendations about what to buy?

I need a DS lite - thats certain, but think the price difference may not be worth having to get a UK charger and losing the warranty. My friends pester me to get an Xbox 360 to play online but I think the PS3 is a better all-round proposition. I like it's media server stuff, future proofing, PS2 ability and hope the online aspect picks up soon.

I love projectors and don't need one right now but 720p projectors are sooo cheap! Thinking mitsubishi HC1500 for $750 or so? I'm still renting a pokey room and don't have a TV but maybe getting a console and projector for my tiny backpack life would be hilarious. And ridiculous.

I also have a Asus EEEPC 701 and would like a WD 2.5" portable hard-drive. My computer needs more storage too. About 500gb? I am tempted by those Samsung but they are forever dropping in price! Hahaha!

Also, lastly but probably most critical is I need some camping gear. I want a lightweight tent and good sleeping bag. Thinking about a North Face Tadpole but saw a good 2.5kg 2-man tent in Blacks for 80 quid recently also.

Anyway, any advice would be great. You can get a taste for what I like I think. Or you could ask?

Driving from New York to Nashville for a wedding BTW. It was originally going to be Boston to Austin (Which has a nice ring to it) but it's a lot bigger country than it appears.
Thanks all,

Now let's shop!



no but if i wanted something would you get it and square you up when you get back to the uk?

dont forget the regions different on xbox and electric current is only 120 or 110 volts so you may need a step up transformer:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Original Poster

Sorry, Logyon, but that sounds a bit complicated and I plan to have a pretty full case coming back. What would it be out of curiousity? I hope it's not a kilo of white powder ;-).

buy as much abercrombie clothes and uggs as you can and shove them on ebay


buy as much abercrombie clothes and uggs as you can and shove them on ebay

thats what i plan to do when im over there

can you really make that much cahs on uggs and abercrombie?

i'd advise anyone going out there in the next few weeks to get as many as possible of the air Jordan countdown pack (jordan 6 (white/carmine) / jordan 17 (black) ) as these will sell for loooooooooot

Your best bet is to find some outlet stores on your route for ambercrombie, and other stuff. With the $ being so weak, there's a lot of bargains to be had. Personally I'd get the nds from gadget asia as they come with the uk battery charger/converter. I think the ds in USA are around $109 (or were when we were in Nashville a few weeks back). There's bargains on DS games i.e. got cooking mama from COSTCO for around $12 (about £7 including tax). Nike trainers work out fairly cheap depending on which ones you go for. Certain perfumes/aershaves work out cheaper, especially if american brands. Also pick up some DVD Bargains(if you've got a hacked a multi region dvd player).

If you decide to purchase camera stuff and similiar stuff, their warranty usually only applies in the USA, unless in some cases you pay extra to make them world wide.

You can always check out USA prices by looking online at walmart, maceys, radioshak and so on. The victoria Becks designer jeans about £250+ (can't remember their name but have a crown on back pockets I think) in uk are much cheaper in USA!

Don't want to be a party pooper, but there's always a risk you'll be stopped at customs on your return trip, so tread carefully.

Finally, enjoy the epic drive to Nashville! We flew to Atlanta and drove to Nashville even that took about 5.5 hours, there were two of us driving so took it in turns as could get very tiring.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

Charlie Brown

p.s. USA Wii games will only work on USA consoles, not UK consoles

Hi, just got back from NJ...soooo cheap. TBH everything is cheaper. Starting with Mcdonalds, through Abercrombie, on Tommy Hilfiger ending.
Brought back plenty of clothes, mostly POLO, TH, A&F and Lacoste. But whats cheap???? Electronics. It's just stupid. Best store ever? J&R on Manhattan, close to Broadway and Statue of Liberty. Their store/stores are massive, spread through almost 100yards on the same street. [url]www.jr.com[/url] I think. I got myself Yammaha 663 receiver for 400USD, then grabbed a converter in UK for 25quid. Works a treat, saved like 200quid on a receiver which isn't out yet here

PS3 is I think 399USD (80gb ver), Lenovo lappys are brill price, approx 30% cheaper than in here (worldwide 3yrs warranty) Blurays not really cheaper, plus most are region coded... fags are cheaper than in here as well

If you're renting a car, buy it with full tank of petrol, cause prices are going uuuuup! You'll be lucky to get a gallon lower than 3.90usd now. (Hertz did us 3.65/gal)

And visit Wendys! best hamburgers amongst fast foods!
And have fun!
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