Going Wireless

    Wonder if anyone can help...

    Want to go wireless so the kids can use the other functions on the Wii but am at a loss to what I need..

    Have broadband at the mo what else do i need to get please??

    I know this seems a very dim question but seem to keep going around in circle:oops:



    whats your broadband provider and what wired modem do you have

    Just get a wireless router and your sorted

    I have my broadband through my exisitng BT line so all I needed to do was connect my wireless router to my PC via the ethernet port on the back of the base unit and then connect the phone line from the router to my socket

    I purchased a Linsksys wireless router from PC world as it was on offer a while back for £40 and it was dead easy to set up as it came with a CD going step by step

    When you get a wireless router and you are going through the setup you are better doing the following to make the wireless router more secure from people trying to use your connection or hack in via the router

    1) Password protect the router and enable MAC address filtering

    2) change the router name as if people can see the router name then they can go on the internet and find the password that releates to the make and model of your router

    3) Disable SSID broadcast as if you don't then everyone in the proximity of the signal will know their is a wireless router in the area

    4) Enable WPA protection as this is more secure than WEP

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    Mmmm think I get it..

    I am with Virgin Broadband and have a motorola cable modem


    Mmmm think I get it..I am with Virgin Broadband and have a motorola cable … Mmmm think I get it..I am with Virgin Broadband and have a motorola cable modem

    If you have been with Virgin for more than 12 months tell them your thinking of leaving as you have been offered a wireless router from another company etc... and they may give you a router for free which saves you buying one

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    Tried that and the lady told me to leave then!!!
    Trouble is can't really leave as only have a telewest phone line no BT cable at all and most others I have tried in the past told me I need a BT line


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    Thanks all for help will attempt to buy one later today!!!

    It sounds like you have Blueyonder cable?
    Just make sure you get a cable wireless router.

    Get a Belkin


    I've used bought plenty of Linksys gear and never had any problems, both for myself and friends.

    Router: WRT54GS
    Notebook Adapter: WPC54GS
    USB Adapter: WUSB54GS
    PC Adapter: WMP54GS

    All of those devices are speedbooster. If you take of the S at the end you'll have the normal devices. Still going strong 2-3 years on.
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