Gold leaf onto grout

Does anyone know if you can successfully put gold leaf onto tile grout? You can buy gold sheets for £1.50 on Ebay.

I'm not sure the grout is a very good surface for the gold leaf, Anyone know if it will stick ok?

I was thinking of trying it out on tiles in the shower but then realised that it would probably come off when you clean it.
But it might work on the other side of the bathroom that doesn't get wet. Should work well with black tiles, if it does stick.


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Ahhh, never mind - just did some research, it doesn't really work with porous substances...:(


Plus it'd look tacky as hell.

You could try acrylic gold paint.For instance -…IOg
I reckon you can't have too much bling. Could look great, if you can get the right lighting for the full effect.

Don't forget about gold taps. X)

If you put a layer of PVA on first it should be OK.

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Thanks Mark, I did find something similar - you can mix 100g of the gold per kilo of grout , so I might try a demo with a sheet of mosaic black tiles to see what it looks like.

I'm hoping it's more on the interesting side than the tacky side...
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