Gold Plate Iphone Where ???? Thx

    Thinking to gold plate my iphone
    Anyone now who doing it, and how much will in cost ???
    i found this one ebay Item number: 350114434303
    good feedback, cheap.
    Thank you


    harrods m8, was the guy from dragons den..

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    harrods m8, was the guy from dragons den..

    harrords is 150 mil from me
    is he still there ???


    harrords is 150 mil from me :(is he still there ???

    they normally retail in there for 50 quid more than the retail of an iPhone, yes they will always be there, he got a contract with them.

    Best to phone em up and check though but i wouldnt go that far for a little gold plating.. the 2G one had more area to plate and looked much better. 3 g one seems pointless paying the extra for.

    Think Montanafish had one that he sold on here. or he might still have it

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    do u know how long it takes do do it ? a day , two ???
    any idea how much will it cost ???

    The bloke off Dragons Den is launching his site shortly.

    It's now called ]Goldgenie

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    u can gold plate PS3 :)))))))))))))
    thx for that

    i think they have them at
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