Gold Points can now be used for digital purchases on Nintendo Switch!

Found 6th Mar 2018
Yep, it's finally arrived. You can now use your Nintendo Gold points for digital purchases on the Nintendo eShop.

Whenever you get a new game, you earn Gold Points worth up to 5% of what you paid. Spend those points on your next digital purchase of any Nintendo Switch game to get it for less...or even for free!

Gold Points can be earned for every new game you purchase. How many points you get depends on whether you purchased a game digitally, or have it on a game card. You can earn Gold Points worth the following percentage of the price on Nintendo eShop:

Important Information

  • For purchases on Nintendo eShop or the official Nintendo website (where available), you automatically earn Gold Points worth the equivalent of 5% of your total paid amount.
  • For redeeming a download code, you automatically earn Gold Points worth the equivalent of 5% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of that content at the time of redemption. Only commercially distributed download codes qualify for points.
  • For the purchase of a Nintendo Switch game card, you earn Gold Points worth 1% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of that game. In order to receive the points, you need to register the game card on the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch console within two years (for Europe and South Africa) or one year (for all other countries) from the official release date of the game in your country. You can confirm the release date of a game by visiting its details page on Nintendo eShop.
  • On Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Gold Points are only earned if your Nintendo Network ID is linked to your Nintendo Account at the time of purchase.
  • Some content may be exempt from the earning or spending of Gold Points.
  • The amount of points you can earn for a purchase can be confirmed on the product information page on Nintendo eShop.
  • Gold Points are valid for 12 months from when they are earned, and always expire at the end of a month.

[Source: My Nintendo]
Community Updates
exactly, the physical version will more often than not be more than 5% cheaper from Amazon and the likes
still a nice gesture for digital only release games
You wait a year for 1 penny a point. It's insulting. The e shop is usually very expensive as it is so they needn't have bothered.
Much rather have physical copy for resale or keepsake value. In years to come if you try sell your console for nostalgia value which Nintendo always holds. You ain't gonna get much if anything for a console with digital games on. The other thing why is digital so much more expensive in online shops less overheads should mean it's cheaper.
I have a lot less Gold Points than I did have. Most of mine were earned from buying digitally in different regions using the same account. Before now it didn't matter which region the Gold Points were earned in, they all added to the single accounts total. I wonder if they are saved to the region they were earned in I'll change region to check

*So upon changing region it shows this -

'For users with My Nintendo Gold Points
Gold Points can only be used in a country/region that uses the same currency as the country/region where you earned them.
The points you haven't used yet remain in your account until they expire, but will only be displayed on My Nintendo if they can be used with your current country/region setting.

**And yes - when my account is set to a region I have earned Gold Points in, the points show
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Nintendo Direct tomorrow 10pm! (8/3/2018)


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