Gold polo shirts - where?

Found 18th Jul 2011
My sons school uniform consists of gold polo shirts, which is basically a deep yellow. I've managed to find them in the past in places like Adams, and a few local shops, but this year, nothing! I REALLY don't want to have to get official ones from school as he suffers from reflux so I need quite a few spares to hand, without paying £6, £7 each!
Has anyone seen them anywhere please? Need ages 5-6 or 6-7. Thanks in advance!
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hiya look on ebay type in boys yellow polo shirt there is some for sale, hope this helps
there is plenty on ebay (new ones from the ebay shops)
never heard of a gold uniform, n e way, hope this helps
usually have them in tesco
I'd get some basic white and dye them
Hmmmm... yellow on M&S here.
20% off and free delivery with code - but are they too pale yellow?
tesco and m&s are too pale I'll look on ebay again but even with delivery its over a fiver per shirt! Might go down the dying route!
The schooluniformshop have the Banner and Trutex ones in Gold down from £13 to £5, and there is 7.07% topcashback.
The Banner ones I know are good quality so should last and wash well.
Also, there is someone selling a pack of 3 gold polo tops on eBay, too big for your son, but they are Next branded so it might be worth checking out Next to see if they have more stock?
EDIT: They have a yellow, £9 for three - colour is like this:

[image missing]…php?pd_id=914…123 (gold listed in this link)…spx (2 pack from £7)

not sure about p&p for each website op, you will have to check!!

gud luk!!
Thanks for the links! I'll have to go instore to look at the john lewis ones, as they look a little light on there. The next ones are good value though! I can cope with £3 a top lol. I'm just spoilt, as both my girls have white ones, which you can get for about a £1 each lol.
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