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    I want to get into golf and i have been going down the driving range for about a year now with mates and i have just been using a massive driver basically hitting it as far as you can. Furthest i have hit it is about 200 yards. Anyway, i want to start using irons so i can get better with them and gradually go on golf courses etc.

    I am looking at a "hybrid iron" because they are apparently easier to hit than normal irons.

    The eBay item number is: 230423747993

    Will this be any good for a beginner?


    when driving put the ball further forward in your stance, i.e if you are right handed when teeing off the ball should be in line with your left foot. Also when driving you have to arc the club and swing through instead of trying to hit at the ball, that should enable you to get more distance with your mates driver.

    As for hybrid irons I have never used one but I have a driving iron which is slightly similar, it is quite easy to hit off the ground and off the tee.

    Irons should be quite an easy club to use though, so maybe if you are struggling it might be worth investing in some lessons?

    I would suggest also if you have a par 3 course near where you live to play that, it will build your confidence with irons and wedges

    Not sure id this is still the case, but when I learnt golf as a kid, many many years ago. I went to the pro shop at the local golf club.

    They are also quite friendly and have some cracking deals on second hand clubs.

    The club professional will measure you and sugest clubs. Their advice is always top quality.

    I always hit my 3 and 5 wood really well and never tended to use my 3 or 4 iron.

    A few years ago, the complete opposite happened to my game. I couldn't hit my woods at all and my long iron striking was excellent and i was getting distance which i never could do before.

    So, when i was buying my news et of clubs last year from american golf, i was with the pro in the nets a few times, he analysed my game, swing, strking etc etc and it came down to a set of mizuno irons 3-9 or a set of nike irons but with a 3 and 4 hybrid instead of a 3 or 4 iron.

    On the pro's advice i bought the nike's with the hybrids, rather than the long irons which i was nervous about at first.

    But i am now hitting my hybrids sweetly and with distance, so the decision was justified but i do miss not having a long iron off the fairway.

    So, because of what you can do and use the hybrids for, then i would recommend getting them.

    OP, get yourself into your local American Golf store, get in the nets with the pro's in the shop and get them to analyse your game, try a few clubs and just see how you feel.

    Certain things, which some might find ridiculous, are things like what the club head looks like when your in your stance and looking down at it. Sounds stupid, but certain clubs i have tried felt easier and more comfortable to use just by the look of them.

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    cheers guys great help!

    @numpty: i have never used irons before so i dont know if im struggling or not!

    Will go get that club off eBay and get practicing! Will pop down to american golf too soon.


    cheers guys great [email protected]: i have never used irons before so i dont … cheers guys great [email protected]: i have never used irons before so i dont know if im struggling or not!Will go get that club off eBay and get practicing! Will pop down to american golf too soon.

    oh right lol didnt realise that you literally went to the driving range and just used your mates driver thought you might have had a go with his irons also (no homo lol)

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    any more advice?

    shouldnt have started with the driver lol its the hardest club to use properly, ive got a 200 quid driver and i usualy tee off with my 5 wood cos i just play better with it. i can get 270 yards with it and only 250 with my driver :lol:

    The driving range may do group lessons and some councils do as part of their adult education. Enrol in one of these as you will find it very helpful (and cheaper than individual lessons).

    As Micoo says the driver is the hardest to use - usually you would start off with a mid-iron like a 7 iron and learn using that before moving on to other clubs (its basically the same swing for all clubs)

    Hitting the ball as far as you can is only good if its going in the right direction so pick a target on the range
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