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    I am looking to start playing golf but don't want to spend a fortune on clubs until i'm sure I will take it up seriously. What do people think of the following clubs please.…et/…spx…002

    The first two seem to be available for about £125 all in, last one about £60.

    Any help or advice appreciated from a sensible perspective.



    seriously you need to go into a sports shop and try a few different sets out for weights etc .....left or right handed also as im usually right handed but learnt to play golf left handed.....from buying the odd iron and wood at car boots when i was a kid

    Go to the shop try them out

    you need to try them!! either that or get set up for a set of ping, a decent pro shop shoul db eable to help you out with the colour code you need, then buy some off ebay the same colour dot on them, you will far more enjoy learning to play with a set of ping in your hand even if theyre not new

    i bought my set on ebay for about £35 all in as im just lerning to play the game. and Untill i can actually play the strokes as i want them im not even thinking about a decent set of clubs.

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    Thanks for the advice guys rep for you all, guess I need to go and try some clubs at a shop. I just wondered all things being equal, i.e. If I liked them all equally, which are the best value bang for buck.


    Thanks for the advice guys rep for you all, guess I need to go and try … Thanks for the advice guys rep for you all, guess I need to go and try some clubs at a shop. I just wondered all things being equal, i.e. If I liked them all equally, which are the best value bang for buck.

    I sort of agree with the others.........the ideal thing to do is to try them out at a practice range. Many golf shops have demo clubs that you can try, so you could look around and try and find a store or golf shop that has them, try them but buy them online cheaper. However you may have trouble finding one that stocks the Dunlops clubs.
    Other ones I would look at are the Benross VeloCT irons which you can get £150-£200 - sounds pricey but they get reasonable reviews in the golf mags (and they are cheap compared to many others).
    Golf is riddled with golf snobs who have to change their clubs every year to the latest model and only buy top brands but your best bang for buck will just depend on what feels best. Many poo poo Dunlop clubs but I have some cheap Dunlop irons (about £65 for complete set, bag and trolley) and since joining a golf club earlier this year thought I should get a "decent" set. I tried the Benross clubs (also their VX6) and Mizuno MX19 but I still prefer my cheap Dunlops so I'm going to stick with them for the next year or so.....
    I'd be tempted just to go with the dunlops for £60 - if you do take it up seriously and get another set you might still prefer the bag, putter, woods etc from the Dunlop set.

    Are worth keeping an eye on....

    id say get a set of old ping,s or wilson staff etc, will cost less than new cheap ones and will be 10 times better, a set of wilson staff goosenecks would be great for you i think

    I started with a cheap set of donnay clubs to decide if I wanted to take up golf or not, they lasted a year before I decided I wanted to upgrade, so don't be put off buying a cheap set from sports direct, they will do you fine to start. Also worth looking at JJB sports they had full sets of Maxfli irons with woods for £50 around 3 months ago.

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    I've been offered a used set of these golf clubs (4 iron - PW) for £50, they are supposedly in excellent condition.


    I know I will still need to then buy a set of Woods, SW, Putter & Bag, what do you think?

    I don't think they would be suitable for a beginner or high handicapper as they look like they are aimed at low handicappers....

    They might be worth buying to re-sell at a higher price...........have a look on [url][/url] (or ebay) and check how much they go for 2nd hand (but £50 looks very good)

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    Thanks gari189, they do seem to be aimed at better players than I am probably ever likely to be, what problems would I be likely to encounter compared to a starter set? Is the sweet spot smaller? Will they be less forgiving of a poorly hit shot? It's so frustrating! How much has technology come on in golf clubs over the last few years? The Titelist clubs were around £500 new (when released around 2003), how would they compare to a £100 or £200 set of irons purchased new today?

    I also found these which seemed a good deal, using voucher come in at £91 plus possible 5% Quidco. Off to try them out I think.


    Best bet is to visit American golf and give them a try - you might also want to give these a go to…635
    This is a really good price - they are normally around £249 but I have seen the DI7s occasionally reduced to £199 but £149 is a great price (you should find reviews for these easy enough) but don't wait too long as they will sell out at that price.

    Other alternatives include these for £150…e=1

    The DI7s are the better deal though. The "fatshaft" is supposed to reduce the risks of the club head turning if you misshit the ball.

    Must admit to being seriously tempted by the DI7s myself.....

    Gets excellent reviews on here…asp
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