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Found 1st Sep 2008
played my first round of golf today and i liked it! also went out on the drving range, now looking to get my own clubs, today i only used thr 5 iron, pitching wedge, sw, and i think a 9 iron and a 7 iron, seemed to be fine, looking to spend around a max of £120, been doing some reserch and found out hybrid irons and preety good for beginners(my shots with the irons were terrible), but im not quite sure there so mant sets out there, should i go 2nd hand? if so what should i look out for? theres plenty on eBay but im not sure.Any help would be appricated, thanks.
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Have a look on [url]www.sportsdirect.com[/url]. You can get a reasonable beginner's set for around £100 there. Unlikely you'd get hybrids in that price range though, even second hand. You can look at the clubs in their shops (both Sport Direct and Sport & Soccer do golf clubs). JJB Sports also sell similarly cheap sets. Avoid the "real" golf shops (American Golf etc) as they'll try selling you £400/500 worth on credit telling you cheap stuff is useless. :x
Item number: 380060453190

what you think?

3/4 Hybrid club
Oversized 460cc Driver with enlarged sweetspot

£78 not bad it also has good reviews on amazon

any new set for that money aint gonna be great, directgolf generally represent good value could try direct-golf.co.uk/gol…721


get yourself down to american golf and get them to fit you (for free) for a suitable set and then use that info to scour eBay. Make sure if you are buying big names from eBay (Callaway etc.) that the seller has a good reputation as convincing fakes do exist.
Dont go to Sports Direct - the clubs are terrible

I got these to start, and they are excellent clubs

These are £130 from Tesco, but there's some vouchers floating around here to reduce it to your price, plus quidco + tesco points.


As for quality, I dunno, perhaps the more golf-literate out there can comment.

Dont go to Sports Direct - the clubs are terribleI got these to start, … Dont go to Sports Direct - the clubs are terribleI got these to start, and they are excellent clubshttp://www.thegolferswarehouse.co.uk/golf-clubs/golf-club-package-sets/hippo-powerx-graphite-steel-golf-clubs-bag-p-3180.html

they look good, and hippo is a decent make, think ill go for them, thanks for the help. re added.
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