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    Can anyone recommend a set of golf clubs for beginner/intermediate or know of any deals about just now?



    id say a full set of rams are great for beginners my husband started out with these…427 and i have the ladies set i would say go with the steel set but up to you
    you wont find as good quality and as much stuff for the money anywhere else

    i paid slightly more £30 actually more for each set at my local shop

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    Would ]http//ww…tml be a better set or about the same?

    having not used wilson i dont know but the wilson has reviews and this shows a review for the rams…tml

    rams come in steel or graphite you need to decide what you want as wilson i think are only graphite

    Don't know a thing about golf but this is where i got my son a set,

    Go to sports world/soccer as well as an online store they have plenty of stores around the country usually on retail parks.....

    At least you'll be able to look at the sets before you buy...

    husband brought his first set from sports soccor and three of the heads came off the clubs so ended up paying out for the rams aswell


    why not get a refurbished set?
    I have an old set of Ping Eye 2's brilliant clubs. Am using Taylormade 5 Wood, and Ram driver.
    Ram are good, nice driver for £50.
    And im a pretty decent player.
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