Gonna Miss This Place................

    To all my good virtual buddies, look after yourselves, keep up the banter and the bickering and I will see you all in 2 weeks........unless I can find a WiFi hotspot! lol!

    Sun, sea and Disney beckons..........Ta ra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Aww hun, it's gonna miss u too:friends: Have a safe journey xx

    I've heard that Goofy's tail is actually a Bluetooth Dongle so you should be reet.

    have fun bits!! lots of fun, then you wont miss HUKD (much)

    Have a great time

    HUKD will be a lil bit less smiley for a couple of weeks I guess.

    Have a luverly time x

    Have a fantastic time Bitsey :thumbsup:

    Have a fantastic holiday:thumbsup: Missing you already:-D

    Enjoy yourself Bitsey, this place wont be the same without you!

    bye lovely...... have a great time, you'll be missed on here :-D

    have a greaaaat time Bitsey et al .. see you in two weeks :thumbsup:

    Have a safe journey & fab time x :thumbsup:


    Have a fabulous time x x

    :thumbsup:have a great time ......njoy see you soon

    ave fun hun x

    have a good one bits:thumbsup: speak to yea soon

    Ooops hope I haven't missed you :?

    Have a fantastic time hunny xxxxxxxxxxxxx ;-)

    Have a brill time Bitsey !!!

    Missing you already !


    Have a great one Bitsey and we'll chat when your back xxxxxx

    have fun bitsey!! & don't forget to bring me back a pressie :lol:
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