Good 14" Laptops (not netbooks)?

    Any recommendations on a good laptop around 14"?

    I'm looking for something reliable (had a toshiba which was awful) which is quite powerful but not too big. My budget is variable but I'm looking for something that is worth the money. I want it to look good too

    I've looked at the Sony Vaio E-Series 14in with the free RAM upgrade but I can't justify spending that much!

    Ideally something that has a core i3 and above, with around 3GB+ of memory. Not too fussed about the screen resolution as long as it has a HDMI socket so I can connect it to a TV.


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    Here's the sony I was looking at (Customised) for :£648 delivered (5-6 Weeks!!)

    * Intel® CoreTM i3-350M, 2.26GHz * Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium … * Intel® CoreTM i3-350M, 2.26GHz * Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium * Blue * 320 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm) * 6 GB 1066MHz DDR3-SDRAM * DVD disc drive * 35.5 cm LCD, 1366x768 + webcam * Office 2010 Starter * No protection * No Adobe® Creation * No Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom# Also Included * HDMI(TM) output * English QWERTY keyboard * Battery life up to 3.5 hours * 1 AC Adapter * ATI MobilityRadeonHD5470 512MB * Ports: 3 USB + 1 e-SATA/USB * SD and MS card slot * English documentation * Wireless LAN + Bluetooth® * English operating system

    Is it worth it? The blue looks really good!

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    Is there anything else? I don't want another toshiba after the terrible one I had

    im also in the same boat as arif123 so if anyone knows any good 14" notebooks id be very grateful.
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