Good 2.0 Speaker Setup - Budget - £20-£30

    Im after a good (but cheapish) pair of 2.0 speakers for my computer which has a Xonar D1 Sound card.
    My budget is £20-30 max.

    I know my soundcard is 5.1/7.1 capable,But this has always cause my problems with games etc in the past not been able to hear half of the stuff so i just want to stick to a basic 2.0 system.

    many thanks

    Anyone recommend any?


    Try SONY 2.1 from Dixons for £14.99 (two colour options to choose from). you may also try altec lensing under £30. search amazon or just google it.

    altec 2.2 are better. Two tower speakers with subwoofer in each tower.
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