Good A4 Gloss Photo Paper?

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Found 30th Nov 2008
Can anyone suggest a good photo paper?
The probem I keep having, is that most when placed behind glass in a picture frame, have patches of the picture that 'stick' to the glass. This then shows up as ugly patches.

The only paper i have ever found that does not cause this problem, is Print & Go Gloss paper, but doesn't seem easy to find anymore.

I have some HP paper and Lexmark at the moment, both causing the above problem.

Anyone suggest any other makes that they know are fine behind glass?

I know this is a problem, as searching google finds several mentions of it. Matt paper is fine, but really need gloss at the moment.

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Hi, I've found Sirius to be really good. Produced good results for me.

I've used Rambox a lot in the past, have never had a problem :thumbsup:

I'm a professional photographer so print a lot, I get round this problem by using Lustre Paper or Canon Matt Professional Photo paper, still fantastic quality printing and doesnt stick to the glass, the other way if you really need gloss then try using mounts.

The matt photo paper is also ideal for DVD covers, the sleeve gives the gloss effect.

Just thought I would throw in some food for thought.

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Many thanks for the suggestions both of you. Will look into those.

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