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    I need some new AA rechargeable batteries for my camera and my little un's toys. Can anyone tell me the best price/place to get them. I think I will need at least 2500ma ones.

    Thanks people.



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    [SIZE=2]Thanks for that (rep added). I think I could do with a new charger as well (one that charges all sizes). Anyone got any bargains for these.[/SIZE]


    what the difference with the numbers? such as you say you want at least 2500ma. Also i just bought this of ebay item no 170127602565 for £17.

    Poundland have packs of 4 rechargeable AA batteries for £1 (obviously!)

    basically the higher the number the the more 'power' the battery has and therefore theoretically the longer the charge will last using a similar device.

    A 2500ma will last longer on the same device as a 2000ma or a 1800ma.

    How did you get it for £17 when it's advertised at £23?


    great thank you :thumbsup:


    130130351935 thats the one I got for £17

    Poundland batteries are NiCad, and not really suitable for digital cameras etc. The power-rating is quite low, around 900mAh, I think.

    Great for wall clocks, remote controls etc, but that's about all.

    MFDOOM are good

    I've got those Encore batteries, Are £5 delivered on

    Last well!

    currychops these last the longest in my free

    Great price for these batteries. Ebuyer charge more and also charge delivery. I've been using these for the past year in xbox 360 wireless controllers and my digital camera they last really well, not a long as my Duracell 2800mah ones, but close for a lot less money.

    I recently had a similar query and after LOTS of research I bought the Uniross Globe Trotter charger with 4 x 2300mAh. I can highly recommend it. It's very quick (about 2 hours), does not make the batteries hot and most of all, it's BY FAR the smallest charger you can get (since it folds to about half its size when not in use). It also has plug adaptors, so that you can use it in almost any country.

    Cheapest I could find is from Novatech:…GTP

    I could use a good charger for my rechargables - the thing is my camera takes 4 batteries, so charging 2 at a time with the Uniross would be a tad inconvenient. Although, 4 hours to do 2 sets of charging would still be alright...

    Will think about buying this, thanks!


    the thing is my camera takes 4 batteries, so charging 2 at a time with … the thing is my camera takes 4 batteries, so charging 2 at a time with the Uniross would be a tad inconvenient.…271

    This one charges 8 at a time. £10.49 + £3.99 delivery. Delivery is per order so worth buying other stuff at the same time. 7dayshop have a good range of chargers/batteries.…343

    They also do the Energizer 15 minute one for £13.99. Personally I prefer a charger that is slower, it's kinder to your batteries.

    I tend to buy off Ebay. Got some Uniross 2700 and Encore 2700 AAs. As already said try and get the largest charge as they will last longer.

    last time I went in to Superdrug (Bexleyheath) they had a four pack of 2500 Energizers with a charger for £9.99, the charger is only good for AA and AAA's tho! :thumbsup:

    I like Vapextech batteries.

    Got some 2700mAh and they are very good.



    I would get this off ebay 300126794322 its an energizer charger for £18 and recharges aa and aaa in 15 mins. It also comes with 4 aa batteries.
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