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Found 10th Feb 2014
Tried to do this question and have no idea how any of the given answers are correct.

I got a 33.3% increase.
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The average distance flown per passenger in Europe today is 800km.
The same figure 5 years ago was 1000km.

There are 3 times more passengers in Europe now as in the past.

800km x 3 = 2400km (Now)
1000km x 1 = 1000km (5 years ago)

140% increase from 1000km to 2400km.

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0.3m x 1000 = 300,000m total km 5yrs ago
0.9m x 800( 1000 less 20percent) = 720,000m today
difference = 420,000m.
420,000/300,000 =1.4
1.4 expressed as percentage = 140
I forgot to delete lol.

I misread question and did the calculations for global distance.
thanks anyway.
Edited by: "pcangeldust" 10th Feb 2014
What they said ^
but what I don't understand from the question
is everybody could be flying out of Gibraltar going south
So Zero miles !
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