good battery operated light for a shed

Posted 18th Jan 2023
We have got a plastic shed from costco and the size is around 12 x 8 inch and we are just looking for recommendations for battery operated light that we can use in the shed to light up at night. Has anyone got any suggestions pls? Many Thanks.
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    I assume its not inches lol......anyhow, although not available I have had this for a few years - works exactly as you would expect and still on the same set of batteries. I'm sure there are many like it…c=1
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    I have 3 Mr Beams lights in a porch and attic. They give a very even bright light. The PIR sensor is reliable. New batteries every 2 years. They seem a bit expensive at the moment so maybe wait for a deal.…h=1
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    Thank you everyone for the replies. And sorry i meant foot not inches lol.
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    Should be adequate for those measurements
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    This is a great little bright light that can be charged with the little solar panel or your phone charge cable.…age
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    Buy a hook or re-purpose a metal coathanger or similar.
    Hang a camping lantern from it.
    Random example USB rechargeable lantern with remote control, 3 selectable light levels, strobe, torch, battery level indicator, phone charging port, lurid colour, useless solar panel, all for £9.59 delivered by Amazon…GM/
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    A single lit match would be ok for that size shoe box.
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    I have this Mr Beams PIR light in the roof of my shed, it's like having a 30w mains bulb.

    Rechargeable AAs in 'D' adapters last about 18 months - shed is for storage, not a man-cave.

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